De authentieke warmte van een haardvuur

A log fire with a traditional fireplace

Despite the existence of several new heating methods such as central heating, an open fire remains very popular for its unique cozy atmosphere. A fire is accompanied by a crackling sound, a smouldering smell and a view of the full flames. The presence of fire continues to provide an irreplaceable conviviality, especially during the harsh autumn and cold winter. Because of its pleasant warmth, the fireplace is often given a central place in the home, and during the holidays it is often accentuated with traditional decorations.

The different possibilities for a fireplace

As standard, an open fire consisted of a chimney, a chimney, and a grid on which the wood was placed. By means of a hood, the smoke from a fireplace is discharged through the chimney. However, more and more attention is being paid to the efficiency and emission of harmful substances. This has resulted in different variations on the traditional fireplace. In the meantime, there are already several alternative fireplaces that are more efficient, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

The properties of new fires

In order to maintain the cosy atmosphere of a fireplace, you can choose for example ECO-prestige closed gas fires. The fire is thus faithfully created with ceramic logs and a burner in the fire bed. These fireplaces are available in various models including frontal, corner model, three-sided or four-sided. Electric fireplaces are also popular both as heating and as decoration. They owe their popularity to providing safe warmth without clearing ashes or soot. In addition, the look of a real fireplace is preserved by means of graphically simulated flames, which in the summer can also provide the appearance of cosiness. If you can't place a fire, you can always opt for a film of a burning and crackling fire on an IWB for fun.

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