Villa in Brasschaat

You will find some of most expensive Belgian villas and castles in Brasschaat. Does the thought of enjoying your expansive grounds in complete privacy, relaxing alongside your pond, knocking some balls around on your own tennis court and golf course or browsing through your own library - all in a residential neighbourhood - appeal to you? You can have it all with a villa in Brasschaat. 

The affluence in Brasschaat is much higher than the average in Antwerp. There are many single-family homes and detached houses there. Many people dream of owning a villa in Brasschaat.

Villa in Brasschaat is famous

The villas and villa neighbourhoods in Brasschaat became known through the prestigious villa of the family Pfaff. Property prices rise substantially each year, which means that a villa in Brasschaat is an interesting investment. The renowned Brasschaat is now one of the most expensive municipalities in Belgium. The area is highly sought after by our wealthy northern neighbours and beyond.