Immo in Ghent for sale

Ghent is known as a lively student town, but is also called the Artevelde City and the City of Flowers. The silhouette of the city is characterised by the four towers: the Belfry Tower, Saint Bavo’s Cathedral, Saint Nicholas Church and the Artevelde Tower. Ghent has a great deal of valuable protected heritage. 

In addition to cultural and other attractions, there are also many events to enjoy in the city, the foremost being the enormous folk festival - the Ghent Festivities. There is always something to do in the bustling city, and this is also an asset for Immo in Ghent.

Sales by Immo in Ghent are bustling 

Ghent is known for its historical city centre. Immo in Ghent is among the most highly valued property in the country. The premises where the World’s Fair was held in 1913 became the famous ‘Millions Quarter’ after the exhibition. Urban development regulations established the green character of the neighbourhood. The bourgeoisie built residential villas there in styles from the interbellum period designed by prominent architects from Ghent. Furthermore, as a city of students, there are many student residences, which are perfect as investment properties.