Immo Antwerp

Immo Antwerp is flourishing on account of its many assets. Located on the banks of the Scheldt, Antwerp is known for its expansive harbour area. But Antwerp also symbolises luxury and beauty. For instance, the international diamond trade flourishes in the city, and its many designers and boutiques honour its reputation as a fashion city. 

Immo Antwerp also enjoys the international notoriety of the fashion city, Antwerp. And this is not only attributable to the impressive fashion selection. Antwerp has a full range of boutiques with the most desirable designer clothes, including Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The famous high street, ‘de Meir’, is also a must for every fashionista. But above all, this honour is attributable to six internationally renowned fashion designers, also called the Antwerp Six.

Immo Antwerp sparkles 

A terrace with a view of the much-loved lights of the Scheldt, or residing within walking distance from the lively centre city. There is always something happening in Antwerp. Immo Antwerp has a variety of assets and has a large selection of residential real estate on offer. The city is home to the most prestigious villas and so is the neighbouring municipality of Brasschaat.